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it is like the thanksgiving parade, man. it is awesome. i i. >> i did not know charles payne would be here naked. >> i'm glad i filmed it, but it didn't develop. >> you know it developed. we have to go. john, where can we find you? >> thanks, andy. john, charles, congo. congo. gutfeld. >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. fox news alert. embattled leader muammar gaddafi today said he would open arsenals and arm his supporters in order to crush the enemy. >> get ready to defend libya. get ready to defend the oil, get ready to defend dignity, independence and glory. answer them. let them be ashamed and degraded. >> antigovernment protesters
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stage their first demonstration in tripoli in several days. troops and militia men opened fire on some of them. reportedly killing numerous people. the white house has announced plans for unilateral sanctions against libya. a u.s. chartered vessel left tripoli for malta after three days of waiting the american embassy in libya has closed. gaddafi has already lost several cities and regions in libya. one of those is tubrok near the border with egypt. correspondent david lee miller the tells us how it happened. >> a week ago, these men might have been executed or worse for what they are doing. defacing a portrait of gaddafi. but now people can treely demonstrate how they feel about the man that led the country for as long as most can remember. last friday, residents here took back their city. today in the town square after morning prayers, thousands celebrated and urged other
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libyans to also kick out the regime. horns blared and they danced in the streets. battle for tubrok took place here at the city's police station. angry residents looted and burned the building fighting is over. blood stained and bullet scarred walls remain. all police cars were insin traited beyond recognition. tires melted, metal warped from the intense heat. former libyan general in charge of tubrok and the surrounding region has now joined the antigovernment protesters. he said it's almost a matter of time until what is left of the gaddafi regime falls but until then, he fears he is a target of assassination. still, he is speaking out. >> i hope from the american people will be with us. we need the peace. we need the love.
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we need this. >> it took four decades of oppression and less than a minute to shred gaddafi's poster. what happens next year is uncertain. but for now, demonstrators of all ages wave the libyan flag of the monarchys that the revolution once deposed. >> here in libya, the eastern part of the country, many now publicly dismiss gaddafi as nothing more than a mad man. they say the more that he feels threatened, the more dangerous he will become. the big question, though, how far will gaddafi loyaltyists go to defend regime that increasingly seems doomed. bret? >> bret: david lee miller live in libya, early saturday morning. thank you. the u.s. suspended operations in libya as the capital city is a battleground, stirred up by the erratic dictator. we have details from the state
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department a warning here. some of the images in this piece may be disturbing. >> venturing in the street of the capital city slipping from his control, muammar gaddafi braced supporters supporters inn square for more armed conflict and alluded to his own death. >> at a suitablal time, we will open the arms depot so all libyans and describes become arms and libia is right with fire. if they t arab and africans don't love muammar gaddafi then gaddafi dad does not deserve to live. >> amateur videos posted online appear to confirm reports that the gaddafi forces fired on protesters in tri poe lie as they emerged from mosques holding friday morning frayiers. a city 30 miles west of tripoli and residents that gaddafi urged in the last tv appearance not to abandon him. scores were killed in clashes before the rebels took full control. >> colonel gaddafi has lost
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the confidence of his people. libyan people deserve a government now that protects their safety. is responsive to their aspirations and broadly representative. >> at the white house, with president obama called other heads of state and the aides met for two hours in the situation room, u.s. policy emerged more clearly, centered on individual and multilateral sanctions. weapons embargo and asset freezes. at the same time, secretary of state clinton ordered suspension of all operations at the u.s. embassy in tri poe lie and 19 officers in the building with spirited out of the country on chartered flight to istanbul. a top aide explained what triggered the decision. >> chaos in the street, gunfire begin. >> they have lost control over swath of the country in the east where the opposition figures are forming the ad hoc committee to restore law and order signaled most oil contracts will be upheld. the obama administration made clear the u.s. has yet to open
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up its own dialogue with the libyan rebels who may run the country. >> i'm not aware of the discussions that we may be having with different folks in libya. >> we have had discussions with other leaders who have been in touch with opposition figures. >> the u.n. human rights council voted to condemn the gaddafi crackdown, as various envoy denounced the regime. here in washington on monday, president obama will meet with the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. >> live at the state department. thank you. administration is challenged on why the ferry carrying americans spent so long at the dock and why the u.s. military did not get involved. national security correspondent generaler the griffin has that story from the pentagon -- jennifer griffin has the story. >> finally, arrived in malta
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after a bumpy five-hour journey. 167 americans ferried to safety as a charter flight filled with americans left the libyan capital for istanbul. for three days the americans sat on board american ferry in tripoli port surrounded by security forces until the weather broke and the 18-foot waves ebaited. and state department could evacuate them safely there were only 600 americans on ground when the crisis started. >> i wouldn't describe people as trapped on ferry boat this is not a ferry boat like staten island ferry. this is a mediterranean ferry, with, you know, in closed cabin -- enclosed cabins, food, shelter. and rest room facilities. >> chinese managed to evacuate 12,000 citizens since monday. turks, 8,000. british royal air force blew in and out yesterday. >> the important thing is the ferry did department.
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as did the airplane that left a little later. >> another british naval vessel is on its way. >> we had military assets over the horizon, that is the situation, you know, was concerning anyway. we had options available. >> pentagon officials said they never received a formal request to help. if they did, the u.s. navy only had a destroyer and a naval command ship in the mediterranean. neither of them particularly good for passengers. the u.s. military officials tell us that the real reason they weren't called upon is the state department was concerned that if the u.s. showed up on the horizon with the naval warships that gaddafi would exploit images, suggest the american invasion and escalated the situation. bret? >> bret: jennifer live at the pentagon. thank you. elsewhere in the region, tens of thousands of antigovernment protesters filled bahrain's
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capital today the government declared, had declared this is a day of mourning for seven people killed in clashes earlier. security forces made no attempt to halt marches today. 12 people were killed as the protests intensified in iraq. at least ten of the deaths happened in two northern cities the governor of basra in the south promised protesters he would resign in baghdad, 3,000 demonstrators knocked down blast walls, threw rocks and scuffled with the troops. u.n. nuclear monitoring agency said it recently received new information about iran's alleged nuclear weapons program. exactly what that information is was not revealed but the report notes that iran continues to stonewall attempts to follow up on it. the blogger who pranked wisconsin's governor had an eye-opening article on u.s. troops serving overseas. details in the grapevine. why isn't president obama walking a picket line in wisconsin?
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we'll find out.
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>> bret: in wisconsin, pro-union demonstrators have something new to be upset about. we have a report on the unconventional way they did it. >> reporter: demonstration in the capital rotunda took on a new era as the bill protest opposed moved closer to becoming law. assembly chamber where the democrats were helpless to stop passage of the bill is empty. >> i understand someone who stands by their conviction. >> after a marathon 60-hour debate, the vote was called at 1:00 a.m.. >> shall the bill be passed? all in favor, aye. all opposed vote no. >> 60 seconds lateer the shrote was closed. >> all in favor say aye, all
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opposed say nay. ayes have it. >> 36 seconds later the assembly was adjourned. only 13 assembly democrats cast their vote. outcome would have been the samed that hay all voted. still democrats jeered assembly republicans. [ chanting ] and hinting at a court challenge. >> this is going toward it, but they are so eager to trample on the rights of workers -- it does you a disservice to democracy. >> language in the bill, limited collective bargaining remains unchanged. all that keeps it from the governor's desk is a quorum in the senate. wisconsin republicans are heaping pressure on the senate democrats to compel them back to the chambers for a vote. >> i think peek all across the state have had a chance to know what is in the bill. people have opinions for and against, that's fine that is great that is what america is all about. but you don't participate in democracy unless you are in the arena. the arena is in madison
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wisconsin in the state capital. >> the 14 missing senate democrats say they won't come back until the governor compromises on collective bargaining. >> now the deadline announced by the governor's office to refinance $165 million in debt has now become flexible. they said it was due today, and now the governor spokesman says it's due in the next few days. as a result, the 1 ,500 at-risk notices for layoff sent state and employees have not gone back yet. bret? >> bret: mike tobin exhibiting concentration. thank you. some democrats in congress are calling on the president to fulfill a campaign promise and pick up a protest sign. white house correspondent wendell goler looks at the differences so far between what senator obama said and what president obama has done. >> campaigning in south carolina a year before the election, candidate barack obama was proud to wear the union label. >> if american workers are being denied their rights to organize and collectively bargain when i'm in the white
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house, i'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, i'll walk on the picket line with you as president of the united states of america. >> in fact, months earlier, mr. obama had walked a picket line, but president obama has yet to join the protest over republican efforts to strip wisconsin public workers of their bargaining rights. though some would love to have it. >> we'd like all the help we could get. i would like to see him step in. >> the spokesman says the president now has a variety of ways to communicate his views. >> i would just say that whatever shoes he is wearing, he is always standing with america's working men and women and the middle class. >> still, president obama told the wisconsin tv station the effort of wisconsin republicans look like an assault on employee rights. his aides won't weigh in on whether it's proper for democratic legislators to flee the state to avoid a vote. >> let's not turn what -- what is a wisconsin issue to washington issue.
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>> most presidents are reluctant to get involved in the labor dispute unless there is a lasting impact like reagan's involvement with the air controller workers. and management is the taxpayers. several states don't allow the public workers bargaining rights. >> we do not engage in collective bargaining. ultimately, we feel the bargaining process takes place in legislative process. bargaining is taking place directly with the taxpayers. >> his aides won't say if mr. obama feels public sector unions have different responsibilities than private sector unions though he suggests they have the same rights the spokesman indicates it's up to those involved in the wisconsin dispute to work things out. >> everybody needs to tighten their belts. everybody needs to sacrifice. and work together to bring state budgets in to balance.
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>> carney says the same responsibility applies at the federal level but, of course, there is no requirement that the federal budget absolutely balance, which is why that many people believe it hardly ever does. >> wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. >> bret: republican lawmakers in indiana say they will not revive their right to work legislation, at least for now. house democrats fled across the border to illinois. to keep the measure from passing. it would have prohibited unions from forcing workers to pay dues as a condition of employment. republican leaders left the door open for resurrection of the bill in the future. the momentum both for and against the kind of restrictive legislation out of the midwest reached new jersey. senior correspondent rick leventhal reports on dueling demonstrations in trenton. >> the stormy skies couldn't stop thousands of union members from filling the street and sidewalk in front of the state house, rallying in solidarity with the wisconsin public employees. >> we all have to come out
4:19 am
together and show that we're united and supporting each other across the country to stop what is going on in wisconsin and what they are trying to do in new jersey. >> your cause is our cause. because what happens in wisconsin affects every man, every woman, and every child in america. >> afl-cio has a million members in new jersey. republican governor chris christie is proposing legislation similar to wisconsin, forcing them to make bigger contribution to healthcare and tension. they support the call for change and held a smaller rally of their own down the block. >> what good does it do to have great services if we can't afford to live here anymore? >> new jersey's pension and health benefit system is busted. we have $60 million hole and we need reforms in new jersey. >> many states may not be able to afford pension and benefits promised to public workers. a cato institute study found
4:20 am
the plans have been overpromised and underfunded creating long-term gaps in government budgets of $1 trillion or more. but the workers say they made their contributions. they are tax-paying citizens and deserve benefits they were promised. >> i would say that governor christie needs to step up and the do the right thing and listen to what we're saying. >> union workers say they are fighting for rights and dignity. tea party workers say they are fighting for more fiscal responsibility. in trenton, new jersey, rick leventhal, fox news. >> bret: still to come, winners in the housing crisis. up next, trying to avoid a government shutdown.
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>> bret: one week from tonight, the federal
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government could shut down if congress does not agree on the stopgap spending bill. there was movement today. chief washington correspondent jim angle has specifics. >> house republicans today sought to paint democrats in a corner by proposing $4 billion in spending cuts the president, himself, already embraced. >> by proposing cuts that president obama himself proposed it will be difficult for democrats to say the republicans are unreasonable. what could be more common ground than supporting cuts made by a democratic president? >> it does make it harder for the democrats to reject. >> this is calculated to give senate democrats a way out if they want a way out. >> cuts are proposed to keep the government going through march 18 republicans say some of them are in the obama proposal, cuts that he requested or the earmarks that the president left out.
4:25 am
republicans argue democrats need to give some sign of good faith. >> we extend the continuing resolution for weeks at a time without making cuts. before you know it's too late to be over. >> senator schumer seemed unmoved by the proposal saying, "there is the potential for a lot of overlap in what republicans and democrats want to do to cut spending but they are threatening to force a shutdown if they don't get anything they want. that is reckless and irresponsible." >> from day one all he is talking about is government shutdown the only party i hear talking about a government shutdown is democrats. >> with the house and senate long apart, keeping them running until march 18 would give them breathing room. >> it remains to be seen whether either side is willing to move to the point where the most that it can give will be enough for the other side. >> democrats dismiss the deal at first but by the end of the
4:26 am
day, harry reid said it sounds like a modified version of what democrats were talking about. that sounds a lot like compromise. in washington, jim angle. , fox news. >> bret: the young man from saudi arabia, who was accused of plotting a terror strike, possibly against the home of former president george w. bush made his first court appearance today. correspondent kris gutierrez is in lubbock, texas, tonight. >> reporter: the court proceeding took five minutes and the suspect acknowledged to the judge he understood his rights, pleaded not guilty, will remain in custody and due back in court in ten days. >> surrounded by the marshals wearing bulletproof vests and holding assault rifles, he was escorted to federal court in downtown lubbock. his attorney rob hobson didn't speak publicly but issued the following statement -- "up until this point the press coverage has been one-sided and biased --
4:27 am
>> reporter: the government says it has evidence that the suspect was researching and planning a terrorist attack using a weapons of mass destruction. court documents reveal that the suspect, native of saudi arabia, attempted to purchase chemical phenol from this chemical supply company but an alert employee was suspicious and notified authorities. >> got it back so he was never able to get it. we've been working at the direction of the f.b.i. ever since. >> he lived alone in a one bedroom apartment where the f.b.i. discovered his journal. in it, according to court documents he wrote after learning and building explosives and continuous planning it was time for jihad. alleged potential targets including new york city, the dallas home of former president george w. bush, and nuclear power plants. if convicted, he faces up to life in prison. in lubbock, kris gutierrez,
4:28 am
fox news. >> bret: we'll tell you something you probably haven't heard about the wisconsin governor's crank caller. modesty apparently is not the best policy for nancy pelosi. the grapevine is next. [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity... turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge-card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information, and they can open bogus accounts...
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. buffalo beast editor ian
4:32 am
murphy is being lauded by some for pranking wisconsin republican governor scott walker into believing he was on the phone with conservative billionaire david catch. abc interviewed him and called him the most important phone caller of the day. cnn gave him the tite the most intriguing person of the day. "daily caller" points out that murphy has written articles that many find not intriguing but offensive. two-and-a-half years ago one was called "blank the troop." "so 4,000 rubes are dead. cry me the tigres. 30,000 others have been seriously wounded. they got what they asked for and cool robotic limbs, too " the united federation of teachers knows how to party, even as 5,000 city teacher faced the layoff. they report that the union shelled out million dollars for 50th anniversary gala. record showed it dropped $278,000 on the teachers union
4:33 am
day ceremony at the waldorf astoria and spent $129,000 at training retreat. the union president defends the cost saying i'm not going to apologize for spending money to service the member. georgia republican congressman pall brown says he was stunned when a constituent asked in a town hall meeting tuesday, "who is going to shoot obama?" brown issued a statement today saying why he did not immediately condemn the issue. a silence that was noted in the media today. congressman says he chose not to dignify it with a response. and his office reported it to authorities. brown says, "violent statements are unacceptable." and finally, self-esteem is apparently not a problem for house minority leader nancy pelosi. when the democratic national committee wrote a resolution honoring pelosi for her work as house speaker, she said her her daughter to tell the panel it wasn't good enough. politico reports that pelosi
4:34 am
wanted to add a mention of her fight against hiv and aids. a paragraph about her "accomplishments for equality." and a line emphasizing that she is not going anywhere and will continue the fight. >> bret: all this week we have been telling you about the losers in the housing crisis. but if there are so many losers because of the crash, there must be a few winners, right? correspondent greg kelly tells us who they are. >> in places like miami, one can pick up a nice condo for $60,000. >> in the wake of the real estate bust, there is again emerging a glimmer of hope what went up in the bubble is now back down. prices are low. the urge to buy is stirring. >> in las vegas, because of so much abundant proposed inventory, the banks are just releasing property at a deep discounted price and we have seen the transaction increase once the prices are drastically reduced. >> prices across the u.s. have
4:35 am
fallen 27% since the peak years. but there are pockets that surpass that figure the chicago home is now listed for 25% less than what it went for in 2008. this tucson home, 30% less. this orlando florida home, on sale for more than 40% less than what it went for in 2006. >> but the kind of deals reflect not only huge inventories but the lack of qualified buyers. >> first of all, your credit has to be excellent to get the great rate. you need a significant down payment. nationwide, we are finding the average down payment on a non-f.h.a. loan is 22%. >> some say the pendulum has now swung too far toward caution. >> if we were to just return back to normal credit underwriting standards where good people, solid, middle class working families with good credit history, then we can have 15% additional home sales. >> but there are encouraging signs of a recovery. last month sales of existing homes rose unexpectedly.
4:36 am
but it mostly came from all cash buyers, snagging deals on foreclosed homes. some are concerned whatever renewed activity there is in the market could be cut short by spike in interest rates. >> i know as a real estate agent i'm more worried about interest rates than anything else. >> most experts agree prices have not hit bottom. it may occur later this year. whatever price rises we see after that will be slow. perhaps a welcome change of the roller coaster ride of recent years in washington, greg kelly, fox news. >> bret: stocks were up on wall street today. dow took back 62. s&p 500 rebounded 14. the nasdaq gained 43. we will talk about the escalating conflict in libya, the fox all-stars join me after the break. hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for.
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get ready to defend libya, get ready to defend oil,
4:40 am
dignity, independence and glory. answer them. let them be ashamed and degraded. >> it's clear that colonel gaddafi has lost the confidence of his people. he is overseeing the brutal treatment of his people. the fatal violence of his people and legitimacy has been reduced to zero in the eyes of his people. >> bret: as muammar gaddafi vowed to defend his government and his control over libya. the u.s. announced sanctions, multilateral sanctions against libya. weapon embargo and asset freezes. hillary clinton ordered the suspension of all operations at the u.s. embassy in tripoli. what is next here? the panel, fred barnes,
4:41 am
"weekly standard." a.b. stoddard of "the hill." and columnist peter winkler. fred, start with you. thoughts? >> this has not been a good week for the american foreign policy and president obama. when u.s. civilians have to be taken out on a crummy rented ferry, and the british send in a warship to get their people, symbolism is bad. but the symbolism is accurate. i mean, i'm still waiting for president obama -- i mean sanctions aren't going to get anywhere, particularly in this chaotic situation in libya. when you call for international, the international community to unite, that means that you are not going to do anything. because you know the international community isn't going to do anything. except vote for something at the u.n. it's really been a pathetic policy by president obama. and look, the best i can figure is that he was paralyzeed by fear that the americans might be taken hostage or they couldn't get
4:42 am
out or they would be killed or something. there are bigger things that if you are the american president, that you have to worry about than just your american citizens there. their safety is important, extremely important. but america is a country that has had greater interest than merely those people. bah obama did not express that and he hasn't yet. >> bret: a.b.? >> i spoke with members of the congress that traveled to the region and other regions and have met with gaddafi and seen the madness up close. they actually all had nice things to say about the way secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama handled this. the priority has always been the evacuation. the security and safety of american lives had to come first. time for debating sanctions or no-fly zones was taking place behind the scenes but that was for later. anything that provoked gaddafi would be a mistake
4:43 am
it didn't find criticism from members of either party on that because i think people who know the region think that there was a lot to insight and damned if he does and if he didn't to get people out of there was the top priority. >> they were stuck at that dock for a while. >> i don't think the choice of exit vessels would be ideal. >> bret: the catamaran didn't get it done they're out now in malta. pete? >> gaddafi doesn't need excuses to be provoked. he has blood on his hands and he has killed americans before. you can't vow to dictators saying we won't say or do anything so long as you threaten our people that gives them a kind of veto power that is unacceptable. the administration has been weak they have been late this is a habit with them on the international crisis. enwhen it's enemies of america. we need to lead and lead morally. this is an anti-american dictator who is a jackal. we've got to stand with the
4:44 am
forces of liberation. and emancipation. obama ran 2008 on winning the heart and minds of the arab people but he is losing them every week as they courageously stand up against the dictators and we have nothing to say. >> bret: do you think it will change now that americans are believed to be in safety that we will hear of more aggressive response? beyond sanctions? from the president? >> sure. obama acts when things are inevitable. he doesn't lead or shape events. always at the end of them. the last major power to speak out on this. gaddafi -- i think obama steps up courage when outcome is inevitable. >> bret: price of gas is affected. and could effect the world economy. $1.8 world barrels a day come
4:45 am
out of libya. >> this is a huge issue for the obama administration, because they have done so much to suppression oil production in the united states and gulf of mexico or even, where they are supposed to be granting permits. they aren't. a judge said they were violating anwar and they have all the things to produce more american oil and cut down on what is coming from the middle east. they haven't done that, that means they will be politically vulnerable if the price of gas continues to rise, which it is. i want to mention one more thing. the former justice minister said gaddafi ordered the bombing of american airliner, put it in airline over lockerbie, scotland, where so many americans were killed. >> bret: it was suspected but when it came out, it was eye-opening.
4:46 am
>> still, the white house, all they are doing is seeking sanctions. that seems like not much to me. >> quickly, on the gas issue, congress is starting to speak out about opening up reserves. there are all kind of statements coming from all kind of folks but what is going to happen? >> president obama has a green energy policy. republicans have all of the above policy. never the twain shall meet. i can tell you that what president obama will do in light of the spiking gas prices that will affect the recovery, he will say the budget cuts that the republicans are offering will also impede the stall of fragile recovery. particularly now. that we have to pay so much more for the price of gas. and that's not a debate where anyone is going to find agreement. >> bret: more on that coming up. for more on the story on libya, go to home page at the friday lightning round including the government shutdown talk is next.
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>> bret: every week viewers vote for your choice online, or friday lightning round in the poll. this week, big drum roll. the white house meets with lobbyists. one. 47% of the vote. back with the panel. white house meets with lobbyists. the story is that the obama administration is meeting with the lobbyists off campus, not in the white house property in a place called jackson place in lafayette square. some people say to allow them not to be logged on the secret service logs. we have seen this before. what about this, pete? >> it's a problem. look, i am not a critic of lobbyists per se there are good and bad ones but the obama administration is a problem. hypocrisy. first in the campaign they
4:51 am
vilified the lobbyists and said they wouldn't have any in the administration or influence on administration that's not the case. second is transparency. they promised to be the most transparent administration in history and they are not and tray are trying to hide the deeds. not a good story for them. >> bret: jay carney, the new white house press secretary insists that they are transparent and the charge is laughable and that this administration is as transparent as any has been. >> right. in the west wing they have small meeting rooms so jackson place is conference center and designated, to sometimes we have large conferences there. they have trying to win the inside and the outside game, have the cake and eat it, too old habit. some of us do it in our personal lives. but it's interesting. you know, the administration decried the citizens united supreme court decision this year. they're now busy at work to create outside money system to match the one that the
4:52 am
conservatives came up with the 2010 elections and will use in 2012. they just got caught. >> bret: fred? >> i don't have a problem with them meeting with lobbyists, that's fine. but it is as pete says, hypocritical the truth is that obama has created a fresh new army of lobbyists in town, because what attracts lobbyists, why do companies need them in trade groups and all kind of things? why do they need lobbyist? s? to deal with government and the bigger it is and the bigger its reach, more lobbyists there are hundreds and maybe thousands more in washington than there were when obama became president. >> bret: all right. the union protest is next. they expanded beyond just wisconsin. but this afternoon we heard again from republican governor scott walker. take a listen. >> again, the facts are clear. if we want to avoid the layoffs that will eventually come at the state and the local level, the only way to achieve that, the clearest easiest way to achieve that is for those 14 state senators to
4:53 am
come back to wisconsin. >> bret: he made the point before and continues to make it. what about this? >> he has made the point before. democratic senators fleeing and it shows they are unpopular. they have to come back sometime. unless they like illinois and a motel there. but i doubt that. look. walker is winning. he will have to stay very, very firm. and i think the hand is stronger now that the house voted and democrats voted, the house and wisconsin. >> bret: wisconsin. a.b.? >> i think that what is interesting here is that the state senators on the lam do risk, once the layoffs begin in short order if there isn't a vote by tuesday when the governor gets his budget address and the layoffs begin, they risk being blamed for that. i don't know that we know where it's going but i think the white house decided that their earlier involvement and insertion of themselves in the issue was a mistake.
4:54 am
>> bret: in fact, senior advisor valerie jarret said to fox this week that it is important not to make this a washington issue, this is a wisconsin issue. that is what she said, asked about the 14 state senators who have walked out. i'm going to play this sound bite, pete, from senator barack obama 2007 real quick. >> if american workers are being denied their rights, to organize and collectively bargain when i'm in the white house i'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, i'll walk on the picket line with you as the president of the united states of america. [ applause ] because workers deserve to know that someone is standing in his corner. >> bret: he still has the wingtips on. >> he does. i don't think he will carry a picket sign this is the pile of discarded promises from 2008. a.b. is right they got way ahead of the story they've now in three or four different times signaled they want to get back from it.
4:55 am
they inserted themselves on several state levels. ground zero issue in new york, immigration in arizona, cambridge cop when they arrested professor gates at harvard. backfireed every time this is particularly damaging because obama proved himself to be irresponsible with the budget on the federal level. now you have a governor who is responsible on the state level and obama is trying to undermine and impede him. this is a bad place to be. >> bret: ten seconds each. down the line. government shutdown looms next week. a week from tonight. republicans have a continuing resolution, two weeks. do they figure it out this week? >> yeah, i don't think there will be a shutdown. >> it's fine for march 4. democrats will accept what the republicans are offering somewhat. but before the 4th of march it's after that between the 4 and 18 when the real rubber meets the road. i wouldn't rule shut-down out. >> first one of march fourth. >> it's clear that the republicans don't want a
4:56 am
shutdown this is a clever proposal because it should appeal to president obama. because the cuts in there are the cuts he proposed in the 2012 budget and earmarks he opposes. the house republicans and obama against harry reid and chuck schumer. >> bret: it sets up the next battle which is whatever, two or three weeks from now. >> bret: >> then we don't know where the freshmen will let john boehner go. >> bret: we'll stay on it that is it for panel. stay tuned for another look at the eccentric life of muammar gaddafi. [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity... turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge-card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information, and they can open bogus accounts... stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection.
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4:59 am
>> brett: finally tonight there has been many people that have called muammar khadafy, crazy, nuts. now more reports about his eccentric life in recent years. >> revolutionary, 1976 to a proud bedouin and a cross

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